The best subscription services in Toronto

Special Delivery!

As Christmas draws closer and closer with each passing day, one can’t help but be reminded of the tired old adage: ‘tis better to give than to receive. Suffice it to say, whoever came up with that load was never on the receiving end of a magical, hand-delivered hamper of fine goods tailored specifically to one’s own needs and wants. This season, while you are checking off the names on your holiday shopping list, it is easy to forget the most important recipient of them all, yourself! Don’t be left out in the cold: Check outm this awesome showcase of subscription services available to all Torontonians.

Vinyl Me, Please

Who doesn’t love an upstart company that delivers music with manners? Vinyl Me, Please offers serious LP listeners a rare treat in their monthly boxes: a must-hear, special-edition pressing that is exclusive to members, plus an original artwork and customized cocktail pairing recipe so that you are guaranteed to get the most out of your one-of-a-kind listening experience. Peruse the website to choose from a menu of special features and add-ons that can be thrown into your parcel for little to no extra cost. Perfect for the music aficionado, or alcoholic, on your list (even better if those both apply to you).

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Wine Collective

Now is your chance to explore the vast universe of pinots, cabernets and everything in between. This heavenly wine-of-the-month club offers members a rich, full-bodied surprise at their doorstep every thirty days. Choose from curated packages that have been painstakingly researched and sampled by industry experts, and handpicked for your table—all you need to do is pick a cheese, grab a seat, Netflix and chill.


The Brew Box Company

If seasonal wine is not your game, check out the sudsy goodness offered at The Brew Box Company. Each month, members are treated to a surprise box of craft beers sourced from a variety of Ontario breweries, perfect for first time sippers or pros. Two premium subscription levels are soon to come, but for now the standard Discovery Brew Box is a lip-smacking gift from above.

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Bark Box

As you sit there listening to your new vinyl, nursing an aromatic glass (bottle) of German Riesling, try to remember that animals are people, too. The good folks at Bark Box have lovingly created individual boxes for your furry friends, catering to pups of all ages, shapes, sizes, dietary restrictions, or allergies. Inventive toys, all natural and unprocessed treats, and just about anything else you can think of. If Fido is unhappy with any of it, Bark Box will replace it. No fuss.


Yo Sox

With a cornucopia of colours, patterns, and fabrics from which to choose, this fun, ankle-flashing subscription service is guaranteed to have you subjected to pointing and commenting—in a good way. Choose from six or twelve-month delivery packages (men and women), and you can turn your ratty old sock drawer into a work of art.


Birch Box

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For everyone else, there’s Birchbox—a tried and trusted e-company delivering health, beauty and fragrance products from independent and customer-favourite brands from all over the globe. Boys and girls can opt for a monthly box of pretty (or manly) things delivered right to the door—all for $10 (or $110/year).


Carnivore Club

An exclusive club for discerning carnivores, each month members can expect a beautiful faux-wood box of artisanal cured meats, themed around one specific producer and style, delivered to their home or office. From Spanish chorizo to French charcuterie to African Braaitime—it’s like a delicious history lesson in every bite. Pair it with a wine and / or beer subscription and you’ll never leave the house again.


Dollar Shave Club

If the constant nicks and rusty blades weren’t a dead giveaway, you should know that the razor you drag across your face each morning should be replaced once in a while. For a reasonable monthly fee, Dollar Shave Club will deliver the goods (plus some skin-saving slaves and balms) so that you are always in stock.

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Detour Coffee Roasters

For those who are serious about their beans, Detour Coffee Roasters’ super-handy subscription service allows members to choose from one, two or three month plans (free shipping for all), ensuring that the finest ground coffee and espresso from around the world lands squarely on your counter.



The people have spoken: Toronto loves to eat green! With an overwhelming list of options for the health conscious eater, we’ve narrowed down a few scrumptious subscriptions sites that offer fresh local, organic and/or vegan diet options—for singles or large families. Whether you’re looking to avoid the packed farmers’ markets, or your time-stretched schedule and discerning stomach refuse to consider greasy fast food an option, these are some of the best green delivery services in the city.

Mama Earth – A bevy of fresh, certified-organic fruits and vegetables delivered weekly right to your door ($30 – $60). Add organic breads, cheeses, dairy, jellies or coffee to any order.

Front Door Organics – Local organic grocery products available in customizable packages to suit your lifestyle. Delivery available throughout Toronto and Mississauga. Starting at $30. Free delivery.

The Missing Ingredient – For the foodies who love to whip up something themselves, 4-5 full-sized cooking prep products in a cool box. Available in 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription packages.

Munch Better – Looking to introduce some wellness to your diet? 5-8 nutritious and delicious snacks sourced from small-batch food companies. Available in 1, 3, or 6-month subscription packages. Free shipping.

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Fresh City Farms – Healthy eating made simple. Choose from locally grown meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, or ready-to-eat lunch options. All bags delivered with a unique recipe card and without chemicals or frivolous packaging.

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