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The Best Views In Toronto | Your Toronto

No matter the weather, taking a stroll through Toronto never fails to provide gorgeous views. From the top of the CN Tower, or at the bottom of Riverdale Park, looking up or down at our incredible city always makes us appreciate it that much more.

We’ve curated a list of spots to check out in the city with stunning views – so act like a tourist and get moving!

Check out the best views in Toronto below.

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Trillium Park

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A relatively new addition, this spot is perfect for bicycling and a stunning view of Toronto’s skyline.


Riverdale Park

A view that makes you feel like you’re sitting just outside of a concrete jungle. Grab your picnic basket and blanket, you’re going to want to hangout here for awhile.

Toronto Island

Explore the island while treating yourself to an incredible view of the city from the middle of Lake Ontario.

Humber Bay Park

A favourite spot amongst athletes and photographers, this scenic view is best at dawn.


Chester Hill Lookout

The Chester Hill Lookout is a secluded, yet popular, spot for romantic strolls, capturing scenic views with your friends, or going on an adventure and exploring it on your own.

CN Tower

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Last but not least, we have to recommend the highest point in the city. The CN Tower will cost you, but it’s something we all do at least once. If you’re feeling adventurous, sign yourself up for plausibly the best view the city has to offer – hanging off the edge!

The One Eighty

What’s better than a gorgeous view of the city? A gorgeous view AND a drink in hand.

The Grange Park

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Take a stroll through the Grange Park, sit on the swings, and look up at our very own great big CN Tower.


Photo by Brxxto on Unsplash

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