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The Best Views of Toronto

Another year, another globally sourced list claiming Toronto to be one of the best places in the world (!!) to live—no big deal. Of course we’ve got the goods, but our city doesn’t just rest on its inner beauty. In the international beauty pageant of life, Toronto’s views are so impressive they leave the competition in the dust (take that Akron, Ohio). Check out our list of views and, if you’re willing to share, add your own spots in the comments.

Dufferin Bridge

Under heavy construction for years, and still not fully functional, this former pedestrian bridge-turned-dual carriageway, connecting Dufferin Street to the CNE grounds, perches delicately atop the spasmodic Gardiner Expressway, offering hypnotic east and west views of the traffic flows entering and exiting the downtown core.


Prince Edward Viaduct

Also known as the bridge spanning the Don River, connecting Bloor Street and Danforth Avenue, this scenic marvel offers spectacular shots of the valley below—depending on the time of year you make your visit, the sights and colours range from gorgeous to perfection.

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Leslie Street Spit

This former dumping ground seemed poised for a lifetime of cold shoulders from east end residents. Thankfully, a revitalization project has breathed new life into the space, making the most of the existing lake views.

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Chester Hill Lookout

Located at the foot of Chester Hill Road, there is a vantage point unlike any other in our fair city. You can’t miss it: the end of the narrow laneway becomes rounded off at the base of its cul-de-sac, and what lies ahead is a blanket of greenery and scenic vistas so spectacular, you’ll be sure you’ve stumbled into a parallel universe.

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Thompson Hotel Rooftop

The best part about this view is that it comes with a cocktail. If you’re willing to brave the crowds of sweaty, sun-stained poolside dwellers, take an elevator ride to the top of this swanky King / Bathurst hotel and revel at the unobstructed 360 degree views of the bustling downtown core, and beyond.

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CN Tower

For obvious reasons, this tourist trap is your best bet for the highest, widest reaching views in the city—it’s still the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere. Do yourself a favour: avoid the crowds by keeping this landmark on schedule for a weekday visit only.

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High Park

It’s not only the beautiful skyline that makes Torontonian knees buckle, our system of parks and conservation areas serve up awesome sights in their own right. High Park’s cherry blossoms, the flora and fauna at Grenadier Pond, the meandering trails leading to and from the area’s petting zoo—you’d be hard pressed to find a mediocre view anywhere.

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Gardiner Expressway

Amazing, albeit difficult to capture, views from this high-speed launching pad is the best place to get intimate and interactive with condo dwellers and business-types—at least the ones at eye level. You’ll feel both dwarfed by the surrounding structures and gigantic compared to the measly Lakeshore pedestrians below.

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Toronto Islands

A stream of connected waterways all but insures a lush, panoramic sweep of breathtaking vegetation and inspiring landscapes. Hop the ferry, or sail out on your own vessel, for customized beauty at every turn.

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What’s your favourite view of Toronto? Let us know in the comments!

(Main photo by Emad Ghazipura via Flickr)

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