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The Best & Worst April Fools Pranks We’ve Seen Today

Every year we wake up and check our social feeds and come across some absurd stories and products only to slowly realize the date – April 1st. Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst corporate pranks we’ve seen this year:



Today Expedia announced their newest partnership with “Ginge-Air” – the world’s first airline run by redheads, for redheads. We even jumped on board and are giving away a trip for 2 to Jamaica. No freckles required. Even though it’s April Fools – this is a REAL contest! Find out how you can win.


Google Maps’ Funky Town

Google pulled a couple of gags today but only this one was successful (see below for the one that backfired). If you go on the Google Maps app and “Explore Toronto” you can go to Funky Town where a Pegman dances below a disco ball.


Open Table Taste

You might have used Open Table to make a reservation at your favourite restaurant online. According to their new hilariously scientific ad, you can now taste the food before you book a table with lickable photos. Check it out:



We wish WestJet’s April fools prank was real. Meet RALFH (Robotic Automatic Light Food Handler): WestJet’s solution to blocked aisles from the drink cart. RALFH is a robot that delivers food and drinks to your seat by placing an order on the app.



TTC’s POP proof of payment

The TTC released this gem today. According to the announcement, TTC riders can now use a can of pop as Proof of Payment. It doesn’t matter what kind of POP you’re drinking, as long as you don’t leave the can on the floor. I wonder how much this hilarious joke costed the city.


Gmail’s Mic Drop

Google is apologizing for their April Fools Prank this morning. They installed a button called “Mic Drop” on Gmail which automatically closes down an email thread, mutes all responses, and sends a picture of a Minion dropping the microphone. Google received complaints about people losing their jobs over the gag. They have since taken the feature down. Whoopsies.


Police Cats

The Thames Valley Police Department released this video about their new #PoliceCats program. Ha. Ha.


McCain’s Fries Fanny Pack

McCain’s Food Canada announced their new product today: The Superfries-On-The-Go Pack. A portable carrying case for your fries isn’t something to joke about.


See any great or terrible pranks out there today? Tell us about them in the comments.

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