The Big Slice Unexpectedly Shuts Down on Yonge St.

Break off a pizza my heart

Ryerson Undergrads will tell you that one of the first offerings of advice you get as a new University student is that for all your late night cravings, The Big Slice on Yonge and Gerrard is your haven.

But as CBC reports, this morning, the beloved monster-slice serving pizza joint shut it’s doors for the last time without notice.

As always in this city, it will be demolished to make room for a set of condos. This is part of a revitalization of Yonge St. will be closing a number of other stores along the street.

The good news is that The Big Slice’s sister location is still open at St. Clair and Dufferin, and have promised to re-open their original store at a new location.