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The Biggest Ice Cream in the World Needed to Get Airlifted To Enter the Record Books!

Some people really love their ice cream. So much so, in fact, that there is a Biggest Ice Cream In The World record and… it’s a lot of ice cream.

The Biggest Ice Cream in The World Records

A Norwegian ice cream company has landed The Guinness World Records title for the world’s tallest ice cream cone. If you can believe it, this whopping confection stands three metres high.

Hennig-Olsen – a family-run company that specializes in ice cream – set the record. It’s officially 3.08 metres tall and weighs almost a tonne.

The record-holding cone…

  • Contains 1,080 litres of ice cream
  • Feeds 10,800 people two scoops each
  • Contains 60 litres of chocolate
  • Is nestled in a 110kg waffle biscuit

The impressive cone was so massive, it needed to be airlifted by a helicopter from the ice cream factory! The official event was in Kristiansand, Southern Norway. Because of this, a Guinness World Records adjudicator verified the cone, and set a new record.

Can’t help but wonder how that worked logistically and if they chilled the interior of that helicopter or what. However, if you think of it, each passing second would diminish the size, so I imagine that was a consideration.

The Previous World Record for Ice Cream

The previous winner of the ‘tallest ice cream cone’ was made by Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Andrighetti who are both from Italy. The cone was 2.81 metres tall, and it topped the charts in 2011.

However, the methods of creating such a large treat are held by only a few people in the world. Personally, if I created the world’s tallest ice cream, I’d put that on my business card. But it appears that the biggest ice cream in the world is only one important thing on a long list for these dessert artists.

Other Tasty Ice Cream World Records 

Longest Ice Cream Sundae

worlds biggest ice cream
Image: Guinness Book of World Records

The longest ice cream dessert was achieved by the Spirit of Texas Festival. It was made with about 500 gallons of ridiculous ice cream. Laced with a candy crunch chocolate swirl, this extremely long dessert had 300 gallons of syrup alone.

Therefore, it took 30 minutes for about 4,000 festival attendees to eat the whole thing.

Largest Ice Cream Shop 

worlds biggest ice cream
Image: Guinness Book of World Records

Can you believe this place?? The Ice Cream Farm is in the UK. It has 851m squared of floor space. This was measured on November 5, 2015, in Tattenhall, UK.

It’s like a Wonderland for ice cream. The Ice Cream Farm also has award-winning ice creams, and is basically an ice cream theme park. Because of this, with recent Covid restrictions, they advise you to book a spot before coming.

Further, we highly recommend checking this place out!

Largest Ice Cream Scoop Pyramid

worlds largest ice cream
Image: Guinness Book of World Records

5,435 scoops of ice cream sounds like heaven, right? Now just think of the pyramids that reach to the heavens. In other words, smash the two together and you have the worlds largest ice cream pyramid!

On January 28, 2017, this baby weighed in at 1,102 pounds (500kg) and had 23 layers of ice cream. Because of this, it measured 3’7″ tall, or 1.1m.

Personally, if I was on the clean up crew, I’d dive into that sucker and frolic about for a bit.

Largest Ice Cream Sandwich

largest ice cream sandwich
Image: @howdelishhd on Instagram

Break me off a piece of that!

A company called Hy-Vee Inc. built the largest ice cream sandwich. This giant was made of chocolate chip cookie biscuits and vanilla ice cream. It was a whopping 10.6m long, 1.2m wide, and .27m tall. This sandwich is almost big enough for Shaq, as these Pictures Of Shaq Holding Things Prove The Man Is A Real Life Giant.

And get this: it weighed 2,960 lbs!

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