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The ‘Bird Box’ challenge has reached a new level as blindfolded fans flock to the house from the film

After Netflix urged fans to stop participating in the Bird Box challenge, blindfolded fans have reached new heights as they flock to the Californian property featured in the hit Netflix film.

According to TMZ, the owner of the house 20 miles from Los Angeles has been overwhelmed with visitors hoping to take selfies outside. In the film, the house is used as a hideout for the movie’s central characters who must wear blindfolds to protect themselves from looking at evil, insanity-inducing creatures.

Allegedly, fans of the film have been “polite” when knocking on the homeowners’ door to ask about taking photos on the property while wearing blindfolds. In fact, some fans even approached the house on Christmas day.

The owner told TMZ that she was paid $12,000 for the exterior shots of her home, which has been featured in three other films over the last 20 years.

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