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The City of Toronto will pay for your music to put people ‘on hold’

Most Torontonians know (we hope), that you can dial 311 and get the down low on city programs and services, or request something from the vault of government department knowledge. And, because you are making a phone call to someone who isn’t your mom, you will probably be put on hold, and forced to listen to repetitive, seemingly endless elevator/hold music.

BUT. NOT ANYMORE. A new idea from our city wants to give callers a taste of local music while they’re waiting to chat with the appropriate human. If you’re a local musician, submit your tunes to be considered. And, if they pick your stuff, they’ll give you fifty bucks and feature your name in lights at www.toronto.ca/music.

There’s also an audition this fall for the chance at a $200 honorarium – BUT you have to give the city the exclusive rights to your music for their hold system.

Want to try it? Follow these not-too-difficult steps:

1: Read this blurb.
2: Fill in this form out and e-mail it back.
3: Wait for the magic call.

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