The Conservative Party may or may not have bought Facebook Likes

Spoiler - they probably did.

Just like that desperate rapper from your hometown that purchased 4000 Facebook likes from Brazil, The Conservative Party just doesn’t get how to “do” social media. CBC’s Reg Sherman recently published an article stating that he unknowingly “liked” The Conservative Party’s Facebook page, and only found out after being approached by a Facebook friend.

After checking his settings, he realized that his account had been liking several other corporations without his knowledge, which hints at a malware hack.

We’ve all seen the victims of click-bait. Users who unknowingly click a promiscuous or risqué video, only for it to be shared to their wall for all their virtual pals to see. The CBC reports that clicking on some videos may trigger the malware hack.

You can easily check if you’ve been used to share (or like) things without your knowledge by checking your activity log.

(Photo courtesy of Stephen Harper via Flickr)