The Crankiest Musicians In The Business

Musicians you don't want to get on the wrong side of

Sure, being a rock star can be stressful. Some are a little better at coping with such stress while others, well, aren’t. Here are seven musicians that have to be put down for a nap.

Noel Gallagher

I will get Noel and Liam Gallagher out of the way right off the top. They have been known for their outspoken ridiculous behavior and fights with each other. One of their most famous was during their What’s the Story (Morning Glory) recording sessions where Liam brought a herd of drunk people from the bar back to their studio where Noel was working. That resulted in a fight involving a cricket bat and a broken foot for Liam.


Sebastian Bach

This story is a gem: Sebastian Bach (ex Skid Row frontman) was visiting his home town of Peterborough, Ontario and the band playing at the bar he was at wouldn’t let him and his friend’s sing, so he threw a tantrum and bit one of the security guards before leaving. Read about it here.


Kid Rock

Kid Rock is as trashy as he pretends to be. He’s been in multiple public fist fights, including one where he punched Tommy Lee at the MTV VMA’s, and another where he punched a DJ at a strip club who insulted him and wouldn’t apologize.



Morrissey is known for his diva behavior and also his love towards animals. At Coachella a few years ago he actually walked off stage because he could smell meat being BBQed nearby. He said, “I smell burning flesh, and I hope to god it’s human.”


Thom Yorke

There are more pictures of Thom Yorke looking angry and disinterested than happy so maybe that’s why he seems so cranky. He hates playing “Creep” so bad, they wouldn’t play it live for years, and he has told fans to “fuck off” when they requested it.


Matt Good

Matt Good was always known for his difficult temperament, to the point that in the late 90s, he was selling merchandise with the phrase, “I hear Matt Good is a real asshole” on it.



DMX could be the curator of the cranky hall of fame. He has been arrested for a shopping list of offenses and is now almost more famous for his behavior than his music. Here he is getting mad at Drake.

(Main image by Jose Francisco Del Valle Mojica via Flickr)