Indie88 Video Premiere: The Crowleys Share ‘Midnight Blue’

Melancholic new track from Hamilton quartet

Hamilton quartet The Crowleys have shared a new single and video for “Midnight Blue” today via Indie88. After starting a band together in high school, the group are still together today writing and performing new music.

“Midnight Blue” would serve as an ideal soundtrack for a lazy summer day, only 1,000 years in the future when robots have taken over. The Crowleys juxtapose carefree, detuned indie-pop melodies with robotic, vocoder vocals. According to the band, the song is “where your mind takes you on a sleepless night.” The song’s tone is matched by a minimalist animated video about a robot’s day at the beach. “It exemplifies the loneliness and anxiety hidden behind a happy facade which is what inspired the track in the first place.”

They wrote to Indie88 to share the the song was inspired:

This song had always been tricky for us live and continued to be so in the studio. It is a surprising single for us because at one point we were talking about scrapping it from the EP. The song has seen a key shift down and a rewrite of the vocal melody just because we could not get the singing down in a way that felt right. It was actually when the idea came about to scrap the song during the mixing process that gave some creative freedom to it as we had nothing left to lose. Cohen tried messing around with a vocoder pedal in the studio on the vocals and it took the melody to a different level that finally worked for the rest of the song. What was once the weakest aspect of the song had become the best thing about it. We all love this song now, but it is definitely a change from our usual stuff, which is why we saved it for our second single.

Take a look at the video for “Midnight Blue” below, directed by Evan Bond: