The Cure’s ‘CURÆTION-25’ concert film is streaming for the first time ever

On The Coda Collection

The Cure’s CURÆTION-25 concert film is available to stream online for the first time ever on The Coda Collection.

Meltdown Festival had celebrated its 25th anniversary three years back when The Cure’s Robert Smith curated the event, and the year also marked the band’s very own 40th anniversary. Now, a concert film capturing their headlining performance at London’s Royal Festival Hall called CURÆTION-25: From There to Here | From Here to There is available to stream.

“This Meltdown performance is memorable for many reasons,” Smith explains. “The format we chose gave the band a unique opportunity to illuminate and celebrate the kaleidoscopic musical trip we are all on, in a very special venue in a very special year.”

During the set, The Cure performed one track from each of their 13 albums in chronological order, and then in reverse chronological order, making for a 28-song set featuring hits like “Boys Don’t Cry” and “High.”