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The Dakota Tavern Expands To Prince Edward County

In a giant, uninhabited barn nearly two and a half hours from Toronto lies The Hayloft Dance Hall-and if you’re unfamiliar with the rustic venue at the moment, you won’t be in a few months. Shawn Creamer and Shannon Kohlmeier of the Dakota Tavern have expanded their county themed concert venue to Prince Edward Country, turning the barn in to an event space for all of your blues, rock, folk, and country needs.

Hayloft in post

The venue is scheduled to be running from Thursday-Sunday, May until September. Making the Hayloft Dance Hall every bit worth the trek, Kohlmeier and Creamer will be expanding the venue’s drink menu and attracting big name acts such as Elliot Brood and The Strumbellas to kick off the season. The Hayloft Dance Hall will even be available for private events, making all of your pinterest decorative dreams come true.

Whether you like it or not, it looks like the action is headed east this summer. Time to hop on the hay-ride bandwagon.

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