The Darcys are Heading in a New Direction as a Duo

Drummer Wes Marskell gives an honest look at The Darcys and the music industry

Toronto’s The Darcys have had a busy year. It began with their Polaris Prize longlisted record Warring, included several tours, and they even played the Indie88 Birthday party. As the band closed in on the new year Guitarist Mike Leriche and bassist Dave Hurlow have decided to pursue other ventures but Wes Marskell and Jason Couse will continue to create music together as a duo.

Marskell wrote a detailed article for Huffington Post about the break up, and was very upfront about stating that The Darcys are heading in a more commercial direction.

“Jason and I will live and die by our next record. Our writing process, in turn, has shifted some of its focus to take a look at each song and its potential for sales.”

Read the full article here.

The Darcys set out to release a music video for each song from Warring but this one for “Close To Me” will be the last, leaving them two short. It’s an appropriate video to be the final installment, Wes says:

This last video, for “Close to Me,” seems to be the ironic conclusion to this chapter of The Darcys narrative and the last breath of The Darcys Trilogy. The clip sees a man slowly going insane as he tries to create the perception of beauty in the bleakness he sees around him. The hard truth is it is often impossible to reconcile the things you see inside your head — the things that you believe to have value — with the reality that the world may never see them in quite the same terms. And yet, we keep trying.

Watch “Close to Me” below.