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The Darcys are looking forward to change on new single ‘Running For The Hills’

The Darcys have returned with a new single, “Running For The Hills.”

The new tune has an alt-rock sound with pop sensibilities. It definitely serves as a glimpse at a new era for the Toronto duo. With stunning guitar riffs and an explosive chorus, The Darcys sing about looking forward not back. “Running For The Hills” was inspired by The Darcys’ recent move to LA.

“I grew up in Toronto; its coffee shops, shawarma restaurants, and construction sites are in my blood,” Wes Marskell explains. “Toronto will always be my home, but I’ve had this ongoing love affair with Los Angeles (something I probably didn’t suppress all that well on our last few records). With everything happening in the world this year, I packed my stuff and moved to LA. There was no sign, no grand gesture, it just felt like now or never.”

Listen to “Running For The Hills” below.

“I’m well aware that the bright lights of LA can often be a mirage, but I needed to live it for myself,” Marskell continues. “This city has spit out a lot better than I over the years, and I could easily be just another one of them, but that’s a fate I’d rather tempt than live forever not knowing. At its core, that’s what ‘Running For The Hills’ is about. It’s about change and it’s about looking forward, not back.”

The Darcys is made up of Toronto’s Jason Couse and Wes Marskell. Over the last 10 years, The Darcys have released five unique albums.

Late last year, they released their most recent album, Fear & Loneliness. The Darcys previewed the collection with catchy singles like “Off The Deep” and “Too Late.”

Watch The Darcys live, performing “Running For The Hills” and “No Regrets” for Indie88’s Live Sessions series.

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