Indie88 Premiere: The Darcys Share Trippy new Video for ‘Virtual Reality’

'Do you even VR?'

Toronto-based duo The Darcys have unveiled a new video for the single “Virtual Reality” from their 2016 album Centerfold. It’s quite a visual feast from director Amit Dabrai.

“This video truly tested our creative strengths as we endeavoured to take it to never seen places both surreal and virtual,” Dabrai told Indie88. “It was really great to collaborate with the Darcys who trusted our vision and let us run with it.”

Check out the Darcy’s latest video below.

“Virtual Reality is one of the more fun songs off Centerfold so it’s fitting that it has such a wild and crazy video,” Darcys co-founding member Wes marskell told Indie88. “Flying dolphins, cat-lasers…it’s definitely a trip to watch. I’m still pretty jealous we didn’t actually get to rip in that Camaro across that surreal 80s landscape.”

Jason Couse and Marskell are currently working on new material, so stay tuned for more news on The Darcys.