The Entire Demo of Kurt Cobain’s First Band Just Leaked

HUGE news for Cobain fans

It’s been quite an exciting couple of weeks for Nirvana Fans. After photos of Nirvana’s first ever show surfaced, followed by a series of demos were leaked online by a Reddit user, it’s been quite the time to be a Nirvana fan. But hold onto your hats ladies and gents because as Noisey reports, the “holy grail” of Kurt Cobain just been unearthed. More scavengers of the internet today dug up the entire recording of Illiteracy Will Prevail, a 17-track demo from Kurt Cobain’s first band Fecal Matter.

The release of these demos come at a questionable time, when Foo Fighters long-awaiting Million Dollar Demos also leaker earlier this week. Is it merely a coincidence? Or could Dave Grohl have been behind it. Substream Magazine reported that the Foo Fighter Demo tapes were uploaded by a user under the alias of ‘Dale Nixon”, — one which Grohl has been credit as on the Melvin’s King Buzzo Album. Though Grohl’s representatives have denied the claim already, it still seems rather fishy.

Either way, it shouldn’t matter, because there’s 17 brand new Cobain tracks to listen to. Check it out above.