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The Fadeout – Shapes of Animals

A walrus, a rabbit, a polar bear, a monkey, a parrot, and two cats grace the cover of The Fadeout’s album Shapes of Animals. The cover, which looks a bit like the sticker project of a kindergartener, caught my eye. When I saw a song called “I Love Cats”, I knew I had to listen but I certainly didn’t know what to expect.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Montreal band says that they created this album to “offer music that would be simple, sincere, comforting, positive, profound and spiritual”.

To me, they have created an album that reminds me of a perfect summer day; a perfect carefree sunny day where you somehow end up at a carnival.  Maybe a more concrete comparison is this: think of a lighter, bouncier “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.  The Fadeout’s music does have a bit of a “throwback to the 60s’” feel to it. It’s light and fresh and laid back.

And what about “I Love Cats”?  Well, it’s a little weird (“I love cats and cats love me back/ Everytime I feel without a home/ All I have to do, is to be one of them”) but, it’s nice to listen to and, as a cat lover, I get it.

Shapes of Animals is a very enjoyable album. Do yourself a favour and pick it up. It’s available now on iTunes.


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