The First Canadian Nutella Cafe Just Opened in Toronto

People are going (hazel)nuts for Nutella

Holy Choco-moly Batman!

Located at 22 Fort York Boulevard, you’ll find Nutella drizzled crepes, injected doughnuts, and oozing croissants all for the taking. That is, if you can withstand the wait.

This weekend, lines ran nearly out the door as The Nutella Cafe opened inside the Spadina Sobeys Urban Fresh store. Some foodies waited upwards of 40 minutes to get their hands on that sweet hazel-nutty-chocolaty goodness.

The store serves a wide array of pastries, as well fresh to order crepes with your choice of strawberry and Nutella, mixed berries and Nutella or strawberry, banana and you guessed it, NUTELLA!

Check out dat crepe-spin tho.