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The First Known Ghost Drawing Was Recently Found On An Ancient Babylonian Tablet

The First Known Drawing Of A Ghost Was Recently Discovered… And It’s Ancient

Ghost lovers and ghoul fans across the world can rejoice in knowing that the oldest ghost drawing in the world was found recently in the dusty vaults of a British Museum. The tablet depicts a man being forcibly dragged into the afterlife by a spirit.

The spirit is thought to be an old lover. The researchers who interpreted the tablet say that it shows a lover leading a lonely bearded spirit into the afterlife and towards eternal bliss.

The tablet also includes instructions from a Babylonian artist on how to exorcise evil spirits from your life. Handy information for sure, especially in ancient Babylonian times.

Where Was The Ghost Tablet Found?

The oldest ghost drawing in the world was found on an ancient Babylonian clay tablet at the British Museum. Museum employees and curators had overlooked the tablet until recently.

This spectacular find was identified by researchers and had been sitting in the museum’s old vaults since the 19th century!

How Old Is It?

ghost drawing
Image: @archeologynow on Instagram

Experts estimate that the ghost drawing on the Babylonian tablet is 3,500 years old.

It’s hard to see the image without the white overlay that experts have created to make the image of the ghost spirit drawing more visible. The researchers at the museum discovered the image by examining it under a lamp. When it’s not fully lit, the area with the illustration looks like it’s blank.

This is exactly why it’s gone unnoticed for so long!

Turns Out People Were Interested In Exorcisms Back Then As Well

On the back of the tablet are elaborate instructions on how to exorcise the demons in your life. Good information to know, especially because the instructions include household items easily found in Babylonian times.

The instructions include making figurines of both a man and a woman. According to the instructions, you’d also need some beer, juniper, and doll clothes. Everything needs to be put in the exact right position while the sun rises, while you’re calling out the name of a god.

I mean, as long as your checklist is thorough, it sounds pretty simple to me.

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