The Gravy Train, Subways, and the Transit Woes Of Rob Ford

YYZ transit wars likely to re-ignite with latest comments from Mayor Ford.

We all know Rob Ford is pro-subway. Today, some new information emerged from the controversial mayor’s office in the ongoing debacle that we call Toronto transit.

The latest from Mr. Ford: “the downtown people have enough subways already.”

(Image: Toronto Sun)

The latest comments are sure to re-ignite the transit debates as Ford reinforced his reputation of using questionable logic when he further elaborated on his stance using the ‘it’s only fair’ rationale.

“I think it is only time to treat everyone equally and Scarborough and North York, Etobicoke – everyone deserves subways here. So let’s connect Sheppard and work on Finch and look at the Downtown Relief Line.”

We want to know what you think. What does Toronto transit need most?