The Great Bicycle Signal Debate

Which method should cyclists use to signal a turn?

With the changing of the season around the corner, the first tastes of warm weather has cyclists all over Toronto itching to get their bikes back on the road. Road safety is always an important issue, and in a city with such sparse cycling infrastructure it is especially critical. And, as has highlighted today, a debate has already sparked over the proper use of hand signals.

The traditional method a cyclist uses to signal a right turn is to extend the left arm out to the side with the elbow bent up at 90 degrees. But some cyclists opt for simply extending their right arm straight out to the right to signal a right turn.


Some argue that the traditional method can be confusing, while others suggest using the right arm to signal can be inherently more dangerous. What do you think, Toronto? Take the poll and see how the rest of the city voted!

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Header photo by Benson Kua via Flickr