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The Haunting & Beautiful Last Photographs of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali raised his fists for the last time in a hauntingly stunning series of portraits taken just months before The Greatest’s passing.

In the photographs, you can see the devastating effects of a long battle with Parkinson’s – but you can also see hint of a smile.

Muhammad Ali passed away at age 74 on Saturday after a 32 year fight against the neurogenerative disease .

Take a look at his last photographs, taken by talented British photographer Zenon Texeira, and published today for the first time by The Daily Mail:





See more photos from Muhammad Ali’s last shoot on The Daily Mail.

While reflecting on the life of the legendary fighter, let’s take a look back at the day Ali met the Beatles. It was just days before Muhammad Ali would become the Heavyweight Champion in 1964 when he met the Fab Four.

(All photos by Zenon Texeira / The Daily Mail)

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