The Hidden Studio Sessions

A brand new video series from Indie88 showcasing live off the floor performance in a secluded studio

Indie88’s Hidden Studio Sessions feature intimate live-off-the-floor sessions with some of today’s best indie bands. The sessions take place in a secret location in Toronto’s west end. No headphones, no multi-tracking, bands recreate their live show up-close and personal for the Indie88 audience.

Episode 1: Dan Mangan
In the first installment, Dan Mangan + Blacksmith deliver two powerful performances of “Vessel” and “Mouthpiece”. The band also discusses the factors that led to the change in approach for the new record. Dan Mangan + Blacksmith recently released Club Meds earlier this month and are now touring hard including a February show at Massey Hall.

Episode 2: Operators
In this episode Operators display what many already know – that they’re one of the best live bands going. They infuse raw energy and emotion into electronic music showing that rock n’ roll doesn’t always need a guitar (although Boeckner plays one on “Cold Light”).

Episode 3: Alvvays
In the very short time since Alvvays’ self-titled debut record was released last summer and subsequently devoured by hungry fanatics of distorted, nostalgia-twinged, lo-fi pop music, the Toronto (via The Maritimes) quintet has already become a household name in indie music circles. Their meteoric rise has taken them around the world, but in this episode Alvvays returns to Toronto and performs “Adult Diversion” and “Archie, Marry Me” live off the floor of The Hidden Studio.

Episode 4: The Wooden Sky
Whether they’re playing encores at 1:00 a.m. in the middle of Bloor Street, or parading their audience through the back alleys of the city, Toronto’s own The Wooden Sky has a well-earned reputation for putting on incredible and unique live shows. This time, they’ve found their way to the Indie88 Hidden Studio to perform “Saturday Night” from their new record Let’s Be Ready, as well as “North Dakota”, a classic from their 2007 debut album When Lost At Sea.

Episode 5: The Rural Alberta Advantage
“We’re always trying to push ourselves to the limits of what we’re capable of. And so it’s always a little bit scary…”. For anyone who has seen The Rural Alberta Advantage play live, the above quote from drummer Paul Banwatt makes perfect sense. Banwatt, Amy Cole, and Nils Edenloff consistently bring a high level of passion and energy to their live show. Episode 5 of the Indie88 Hidden Studio Sessions is no exception, as the trio performs “On The Rocks” and “Terrified”, two burners from their latest record Mended With Gold.

Episode 6: Lowell

Lowell is one of those rare artists that is unconventional, yet undeniably catchy. If you’ve ever had a chance to see her perform live, you’ll know she is an artist who commands your attention. Her shows are always incredibly fun, entertaining, and you’re never really sure what to expect. If you haven’t seen Lowell yet, well now is your chance. Lowell, along with her band filling in on drums, guitar/bass, and synths, joined us for a live performance in the Indie88 Hidden Studio. Watch the session below, where Lowell and her band perform “I Love You Money” and “The Bells”, both from her debut album We Loved Her Dearly.

Stay tuned for more sessions coming soon!