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The Hunt For Pablo Escobar Is On In ‘Narcos’ Season Two Trailer

The search for Pablo Escobar continues in the second season of Netflix’s critical success Narcos.

Narcos, the retelling of the infamous drug smuggler in the 1980s, left off last season with Pablo on the run, narrowly escaping the grasp of the DEA, Search Bloc, Cali Cartel and Los Pepes. This season picks up shortly after his escape from prison, while civilian, government and drug smuggling groups alike tear up Columbia so they can claim to be the ones who put a bullet in the notorious bandito’s head.

We all know the end result, but the question is: #WhoKilledPablo? That’s what the branding of this season is teasing at least.

But you never really know. Escobar has squeezed himself out of some very tight situations before and this season will surely be no different. All we know is we are in for a hell of a ride. Check out the season two trailer in the player above.

Narcos picks back up September 5th on Netflix.


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