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The Internet Has Uncovered Important New Evidence in the ‘Making A Murderer’ Case

By now, you’ve probably heard of Netflix’s incredibly popular docu-series Making A Murderer. It is infuriating as it is fascinating that it’s even inspiring bands to write music exclaiming Avery’s innocence. But if you haven’t binged the entire 10-hour series yet, do yourself a favour and open up a new tab with Netflix now! Stop reading right now and save yourself the anguish because there are some serious spoilers ahead.


People on the internet have found a crucial piece of information that never made its way into the trial. You may recall a photograph of the victim, Teresa Halbach, that appeared many times throughout the series. Upon closer inspection, you notice a set of keys in Teresa’s hand, multiple keys on a lanyard.


As you know, the keys were a crucial piece of evidence in the trial that convicted Avery guilty of first-degree murder. The keys to Halbach’s car were found in Steven Avery’s home but only discovered after multiple visits to his home by the Manitowoc Police Department and ultimately found by Country Sheriff James Lenk. In the photograph you can see there are at least two keys attached to the lanyard, when in fact only one key was discovered at the Avery residence.

If this information was presented at the trial it would have bolstered the argument that the sole key, found weeks after the search of Avery’s property was planted. This creates speculation that the keys found at the Avery residence were a spare set and the original set were never recovered.

Rolling Stone interviewed Avery’s 2006 defense lawyer Jerry Buting, admitting that he missed this contentious piece of evidence:

“Dean and I worked on that case for 14 months before that trial, the last six months of which I did nothing but work on this case. We had 25,000 pages of discovery and police reports to go through, we had hundreds and hundreds of hours of tape recorded phone calls and interrogations and aerial footage, every salvage yard and expert opinions. But we were only two minds. What I’m discovering is that a million minds are better than two. Some of these people online have found things with a screen shot of a picture that we missed.

There’s a picture of [murder victim Teresa Halbach] that I’ve looked at a thousand times that shows her standing in front of her vehicle, the RAV4. Shes got a camera in one hand and she’s also got keys. And it’s like a key ring. You can see there’s a bunch of keys there like a house key, probably a photography studio key, maybe her parent’s house key. And those were never recovered. Instead we found this single key.

Now we did challenge that, about how unusual it was, why is she walking around with one key? But I don’t think I caught the fact that there was a photograph showing what she really carried around with her is a bunch of keys. And none of those keys were ever found.”

Could this information contend for a retrial or appeal to review the case? At this point it is speculation, but the internet will not rest until their presumed justice is served. In fact, Steven Avery may know who actually killed Teresa Halbach.

What do you think of the newly discovered evidence?

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