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The Josie Dye Show’s Socks for The Streets – School Support

Each December, Indie 88 collects socks from schools, businesses, and listeners. We are asking schools across Ontario to join in and participate in our awareness campaign.

The Josie Dye Show is encouraging local schools to get involved in a number of ways:

Have your school host your own sock drive:
Local schools can host their own sock drive, encouraging other students, educators, and support staff to collect new, unused socks! Socks can be collected throughout November and early December and be dropped off at one of Indie88’s Sock Drop locations. Socks should be organized in groups of 100 pairs, packaged and sealed.

Schools can also collect monetary donations. $1.00 equals two pairs of socks for Socks4Souls Canada. Click here to access our info package.

Write Letters of Hope for Toronto’s Homeless Community
In 2020, The Josie Dye Show received support from schools with Letters of Hope. Letters of Hope are encouraging messages students can write to Toronto’s homeless community.

How it works:
• We ask the students to write a Letter of Hope to these men, women
and children who are living out in the cold
• All letters can be emailed to us at socks@indie88.com
• Some of the letters will be read on air and all of the letters will be displayed
at the shelters
*Indie88 has also provided audio clips of The Josie Dye Show speaking with Homeless individuals, and why socks are so important. These audio clips can be shared with students, teachers and educators to help inspire Letters of Hope
Click HERE to download our School Info Package

For more information, please email socks@Indie88.com

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