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The Josie Dye Show’s Socks for The Streets

Each December, Indie 88 collects socks from schools, businesses, and listeners. As we’re unable to collect physical socks this year, we are instead asking schools across Ontario to join in and participate in our awareness campaign.

How it works:
• Each school will play five one-minute interviews to their students
• Each interview will introduce you to a person living on the street
• The campaign will run for 5 days. One clip per day
• Any dates work although the week of Dec 7th is our preference.
• We ask the students to write an inspirational letter to these men, women
and children who are living out in the cold
• All letters can be emailed to us at morningshow@indie88.com
• Some of the letters will be read on air and all of the letters will be displayed
at the shelters
• Students and staff have the option of making cash donations. Every dollar
raised buys two pairs of socks.

For more information, please email morningshow@Indie88.com

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