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The Josie Dye Show’s Socks for the Streets

Thank you so much to our listeners, partners and supporters.  Together, we raised over $154,000 dollars, which equals 308,000 pairs of socks, for Socks4Souls Canada! We couldn’t have done it without you!

The pandemic has made being homeless in Toronto even more difficult. Staying safe and finding shelter is increasingly challenging. Help them take the first step in getting back on their feet.

The Josie Dye Show’s Socks for the Streets is back, in support of Socks4Souls Canada.

This is our fourth year collecting socks for those in need, and it’s our most important yet! We’ve collected almost a million pairs of socks so far. And this year, to limit physical contact and keep everyone safe, we are accepting online donations. Donations are accepted below or CLICK HERE. (You may need to hit refresh for donation page to generate)

According to a 2018 census, there are over 8,700 homeless people in the city of Toronto. Foot problems account for 20% of their medical conditions.

Socks4Souls Canada is a non-profit, volunteer organization committed to contributing warmth, comfort, dignity, mobility and health to homeless people by providing them with new clean socks. We recognize the importance of good foot health and how it can impact one’s ability to seek food, shelter, medical care and other social services.


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