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The Killers announce forthcoming ‘concept record’

Less than a year after the release of Imploding the Mirage, the Killers drummer Ronnie Vanucci Jr. has revealed that the band is releasing a “concept record” in August.

Vanucci made the announcement in an interview in podcast and YouTube show Sarah Hagan Backstage. While he didn’t reveal much information about the album, he did say that it will be “very different.” In the interview, Hagan brings up Imploding the Mirage, and as she was saying “you guys came out with an album last year,” Vanucci jumped in saying, “last August,” before adding, “We have another one coming out this August.”

“So we still have that stockpile left, and we’re still writing more,” Vanucci explains. “It’s always good to have a few songs – or an album, even – lying around, just in case.”

Listen to the conversation in full below, or check out the album details at 43:00.

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