The Killers Have Started Recording Their Fifth Album

Somebody told us...

It can’t get any more official.

Last Friday, The Killers started working on their fifth studio album, in their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The American rock band haven’t put out an album since 2012’s Battle Born, though Brandon Flowers released his solo album, The Desired Effect, in 2015.

After months of speculation, Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. confirmed the news, telling DIY, “We go into the studio two days from now. On the ninth [September], we start on the ninth.”

He continued: “We’ll see what happens. We’ve been working with different people and seeing how it feels, and we’re starting to work with another person now. I don’t know if we wanna reveal who that is.

Although the band denied the rumours of a possible Elton John collaboration in May, vocalist and producer Ryan Tedder told NME that he was working with the band on their new album. “We’re still in the process [of making the album] and I can’t speak as to their timing or anything. But I love what we’ve started immensely, obsessively even. It sounds 100% like them and nothing like me.”