The Killers Share New Single ‘Some Kind of Love,’ Brandon Flowers Discusses New Album

Flowers discusses the making of 'Wonderful Wonderful'

The Killers have shared a new track off of their forthcoming album Wonderful Wonderful, which is scheduled for release on September 22. In an exclusive interview with NME, Brandon Flowers discussed his wife’s (Tana Mundkowsky) illness and the impact it had on the band’s new album.

“My wife has PTSD. She has a version called Complex PTSD,” said Flowers. “It’s when a person has had multiple traumatic experiences. Her whole life, she’s been covering it, pretending it isn’t there. For whatever reason, in her 30s, it’s decided to really manifest itself and that’s what I’m going through with my family.”

According to Flowers, the album’s third song “Rut” is about Mundkowsky “submitting” to her illness.

“Usually I feel protective of her but I decided to take it head on,” explained Flowers. “So ‘Rut’ is about her submitting to it. She got severely depressed and it wasn’t until she sought counselling and got a name for what was going on that it helped.”

Listen to The Killers’ new song “Some Kind of Love” below.