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The Lake McDonald Rocks Are The Prettiest Thing You’ll See Today

There are a lot of Lake McDonald rocks that will surprise and enchant you with their beauty. There’s nothing quite like seeing Nature herself paint rocks and leave them for us to enjoy.

These really might be the prettiest thing you see today! They rock just like these indie rock voices of the past!

Lake McDonald In Montana Has A Colorful History

Lake McDonald Rocks
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In Montana, there is a lake with colorful rocks that you should really go and check out. I mean Montana itself is basically a hipster’s paradise so if you’re in the area, why not add this incredible beach to your list? Not saying you’re a hipster, per se. There’s just always so many things to do in this glorious state.

Why not visit a lake in Montana with colored rocks?

The Glacier National Park on the border with Canada boasts more than 700 lakes! While only 131 of them actually have names associated with them, 200 of them are over five acres in size.

Lake McDonald is the most famous of all the lakes. it attracts thousands of visitors each year. One of the most interesting parts of the lake is that the water is incredibly clear. This is partly because of the extremely low temperatures of the water that prevent the growth of plankton.

Because of this, you can see the rocks to the very bottom and the view is just incredible.

The rock are very colorful. They are beautiful and create such a magical aesthetic. The rocks themselves tell part of Montana’s ancient history. During different eras of time, they were formed from clay in the ocean.

From there, they were broken down into tiny fragments that washed away. The lake was the lucky recipient of the colorful rocks in Montana.

Why are the rocks so colorful?

Lake McDonald Rocks
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The rocks are known as rainbow rocks because they have such amazing colours to them.

The colour of the rocks is determined by how much iron is contained in them. For example, the green rocks were formed in deep water, and that means that they don’t contain much iron. They were actually deposited in a shallow ocean environment where the iron was oxidized by the air. Only then did they make their way to the lake.

The rainbow rocks can be found at other lakes in the area. However, because Lake McDonald is the biggest of the lakes in the area, you’ll see the most variety there.

Can You Take Rocks From Lake McDonald?

Lake McDonald Rocks
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It’s against the law to take anything out of the park!

Please don’t ever take anything out of a natural area, unless you want to be one of those jerks. Many of these places are protected, including Glacier National Park.

How To Visit Lake Mcdonald

Lake McDonald Rocks
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When To Visit

Do you want to really see the highlights of this gorgeous park and do the most popular hikes? If so, we’d recommend setting aside three days for this trip.

And as you’re planning when to visit Lake McDonald rocks, remember that you’re at the mercy of the weather.

The park is usually covered in snow from October to May. Sometimes the snow lasts as late as June.

Some parts of the access roads and parks are only open from mid-June to early October. So we recommend to visit the park between July and early to mid-September. You can get up to date info here

Just like many national parks and sightseeing, the early bird gets the worm! Start your day early to avoid crowds. There are usually lots of crowds because of the narrow window of time that allows tourism.

Where To Stay

Lake McDonald Rocks
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There are in-park lodges that are as rustic and cool as you might imagine.

  • Village Inn at Apgar – This motel-like inn has both standard and full-kitchen rooms so you can make your own food and enjoy the park.
  • Many Glacier Hotel – With stunning views and a delicious dining room, this swiss-style lodge is an amazing place to stay.
  • Lake McDonald Lodge – The eponymous lodge! It’s swiss-style with amazing lake views and some restaurants to choose from.
  • Swiftcurrent Motor Inn – This one is a rustic option with a camp store and close trailhead access.
  • Rising Sun Motor Inn – Here you’ll find a restaurant and a gift shop near St. Mary Lake along Going-to-the-Sun Road.

You can also camp if you want to! There are some incredible campgrounds that will enhance your enjoyment of Glacier National Park so much!Enjoy your adventures!

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