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The “Largest Lock of Lennon’s Hair” Is Going up for Auction

A 50-year-old lock of the late Beatles singer, John Lennon is going to be sold in an auction later this month.

As Rolling Stone reports, the “significant lock” of the singers hair is up for sale on Dallas-based Heritage Auctions website, which is currently valued at $12,000 USD. Lennon’s hair stylist cut the lock off during the set of How I Won the War in 1966, where Lennon played Musketeer Gripweed.

It’s said to be the “largest lock of Lennon’s hair,” which comes with a call sheet from the day of filming with Lennon’s autograph. Previously, John Lennon’s tooth was up for auction. Read more about it in our list of strangest musician auctions, linked below.

The auction is finished February 20th.

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