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The latest Banksy artwork on a Port Talbot garage wall sold for a six-figure sum

The latest Banksy artwork, which was painted on a garage in the Welsh town of Port Talbot, was recently sold privately for a sum of six-figures.

The artwork, which appears differently depending on what angle you look at it from, is called “Season’s Greetings,” and it has recently been bought by Essex-based gallery owner John Brandler, who decided to keep the graffiti in the Welsh town for at least two to three years.

The artwork appeared on a steelworker’s garage. One week before Christmas in 2018, owner Ian Lewis said that the sale was “a weight off of his shoulders,” according to the BBC. “I think the town has fallen in love with it, and I think everybody loves it and it would have been a shame for it to move from the area.”

Brandler, who purchased the piece for over £100,000, claimed that the piece is currently “where it belongs.” Brandler even applauded Lewis, who he bought it from, for accepting a lower offer in order to keep it in Port Talbot.

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