The Many Sides to Festival Fashion

Which one are you?

Music festivals and fashion go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re into wide-brimmed felt hats and fringed kimonos, or jean shorts and your go-to tee, everyone has their own festival fashion persona. Festivals provide a golden opportunity to express yourself and wear outfits that you might not normally wear on a regular day. In light of the summer fast approaching, we have compiled a list of various festival fashions; everything from the practical clothing items to the most glamourous of festival attire.

Costume Guy

Every festival has one of these. The Costume Guy wears last year’s Halloween costume to stand out (and it works), and you’ll probably run into this person a few times each day because they’re wearing the same outfit all weekend.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." #WayHomesick ?: @brooke.arseneau705

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The Camper

The Camper can usually be spotted with protective hat and some sort of backpack that holds lots of water. This person comes prepared for the elements, equipped with quick dry clothing, a bandana, practical shades, and the necessary SPF and bug repellent. These guys have been to tons of festivals and are prepared for basically anything. When you see this person you might think, “Damn, I wish I thought of that.”

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Penny Lane Reincarnate

The Penny Lane Reincarnate carries the boho-chic vibe, with lots of frills and enough flowers in her hair to fill a garden. This festival-goer embodies her inner Almost Famous Kate Hudson to a tee, and can probably be found dancing on her own and loving every minute of it.


Practical Front-Rower

Like The Camper, this person is also prepared for anything, like sitting in dirt for three hours to be front row. The Practical Front-Rower wears hefty, closed-toed shoes that are great for maneuvering through a thick crowd. Everything about their outfit is practical because this isn’t their first rodeo: a great headband to cover that greasy Day-3 hair, comfortable, airy shorts and a simple tank top, and either a fanny pack or shoulder bag. This is the person carrying a disposable rain poncho and a few band-aids in their pouch “just in case.”

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Classic Festival Dude

This guy is loaded with neon, and rocks shorts, a headband or snapback, and a tank top. The Classic Festival Dude is usually a fun companion, he makes a new friend every two seconds, and often offers up their shoulders for the shorter audience member.



Festival Fashionista

When everyone else is mapping out which shows they want to catch, the Festival Fashionista is busy accessorizing. Even by day four, when most people are suffering from a lack of hygiene, the Festival Fashionista manages to pull off the perfect festival outfit. This person can often be seen wearing a dramatic, wide-brimmed hat, a billion necklaces, a long flowy skirt, loose pants or a patterned maxi-dress that’s perfect for lounging on the grass in substitute of a blanket, a great cardigan, strappy gladiator sandals, and Mary Kate Olsen shades.

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Every festival has those people doing cool tricks with hula-hoops, and their outfits are often made up of a late-night rave kind of vibe. Bikinis, bandos, ribbons, crop tops, and spandex are common for this type of festival look. The best part about this look is it doesn’t necessarily involve wearing shoes.