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The mayor of New York’s Niagara Falls wants roundtrip GO Train service to Toronto

Imagine a GO Train that could transport you to New York.

Mayor of New York’s Niagara Falls, Paul Dyster, has revealed that he hopes for an international rail line that takes only 90 minutes to get from one end to the other. According to a recent interview with Dyster, his city “could become a bedroom community for people working in Toronto.” In fact, he believes this could have a huge economic impact on Western New York.

“Desire of companies to locate in the Buffalo-Niagara area,” Dyster tells WKBW. “It could impact the real estate market here.” The idea would be to have the train travel across the Niagara Falls Whirpool bridge, but a few obstacles are inhibiting Dyster’s plan.

Niagara Falls, NY would need to secure USD $500,000 to renovate the bridge and conduct an engineering study. Additionally, Canadian customs and Metrolinx, who runs GO Transit in Ontario, would both have to agree to go over the US border.

At this time, Metrolinx does not plan to extend its service to New York. “There are specific restrictions when a train leaves Ontario, or any province in Canada, that require a different set of inspection criteria and standards in order to legally enter the United States,” a Metrolinx spokesperson explained, according to the Daily Hive. “We continue to focus on providing integrated transit to Ontario residents in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.”

For now, GO Transit offers its daily weekday train service between Niagara Falls and Toronto.

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