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The Morning After Sobriety Test

It’s holiday party season so The Morning After filmed a special PSA to stress the importance of planning your ride home ahead of time. We consumed between 6-9 drinks each and failed every sobriety test thrown at us. You cannot beat the cops…they know if you have been drinking. At one point, Candice called the officer “Constable Handsome” which is also an obvious tell. Brian, Matt & Candice filmed this video to show how people can overestimate their ability to drive after a couple cocktails. Watch it in the player above. You should always have a plan for a safe ride home. Here is a message from TPS.

The Toronto Police Service recognizes the danger that drinking and driving poses to all road users and therefore is vigilant in our measures to recognize, intervene and deal effectively with those people who endanger us all.

The Service will continue its efforts to protect you with multiple RIDE Programs and patrols targeting those who make the choice to drink and drive. The message is and always will be, “If you drink, don’t drive.” We would also remind everyone that choosing a responsible option to driving is the first step. Public transit, designated drivers, taxi’s and hotels are all excellent choices. It is also worth noting that walking while intoxicated is extremely dangerous to your own personal safety. Many pedestrians have been seriously injured or killed from walking, stumbling or falling into traffic.

Some sobering statistics:

Drinking and driving remains the number one criminal cause of death in Canada.
In Ontario, approximately one quarter of all road fatalities are alcohol related.
Over 1,200 people in Toronto are arrested for impaired driving related offences every year.

As a reminder, if you see someone who appears to be or you know is driving, or about to drive impaired call 9.1.1.

The life you save could be your loved one.

The Morning After would like to thank Constable Clinton Stibbe, Constable Ryan Schiavo and Inspector Chris Boddy from Toronto Police Services. Craft Brasserie for making sure our glasses were never empty. Uber and Beck Taxi for driving us home.

Due to time constraints, parts of the Standard Field Sobriety Test were skipped in the interest of time and are not to be referenced for court‎ in anyway shape or form.

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