The most annoying things about getting around Toronto

Please take your personal belongings (and frustrations) when exiting this vehicle.

Living in a metropolitan city is such a delightful experience. Weekdays are spent walking the streets to work with the hustle and bustle of others, nights involve reservations at some of the best restaurants around, and weekends well — our options are endless.

There is, however, one teeny, tiny thing that can often get in the way of our love for the city. The completely frustrating, headache inducing, and always annoying parts of commuting — anywhere!

Our city under construction

This past summer could easily have been dubbed the season of road closures in Toronto. It created a string of gridlock more confusing than a Rubik’s cube. But we survived it just like we always do because when you have to be somewhere you have no choice but to battle it out with the rest of ‘em.

The always dependable weekend TTC closures

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Have plans for the weekend that requires a quick jaunt on the subway? Check your service alerts before grabbing your jacket because chances are the line you need to ride is closed for the weekend. But fear not! There is ram-jammed shuttle bus at your disposal.


Need to get downtown for the weekend? Better arrive Thursday. Need to get out of the city by Sunday? Better make plans to crash somewhere because the chances of you getting or going anywhere could take just as long as the weekend lasts. The Gardiner if often closed and/or under construction with reduced lanes.

The short end of the stick

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Remember that time you wanted to visit your friends in the Beaches? Or take the King car to that urgent appointment? Take the streetcar they said, it will get you there on time they said. Until it didn’t because you short-turned half-way through your commute.


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Aside from the luxury of witnessing feet on the seats, load “quiet” areas, and the clicking of nail clippers — waiting for a train to arrive is another joy that often feels like the rest of your living days will be spent on the platform you’re standing on.

Clogged Arteries

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Try as we might, it’s difficult to battle the unpredictable timelines of when rush hour truly exists. So, you fight it by either staying at your desk for as long as you can spare before departing, or you try darting out like a superhero with the power of speed in order to beat the rush. Regardless of your attempt, you are often met with like-minded commuters, thus never quite being able to nail down the best plan of escape.

Setting aside these often fleeting frustrations, it’s important to remember that we get to live in one of the greatest cities on the planet. So in times of commuting despair, always remind yourself that it’s not about the journey — it’s about the destination.