The Most Exciting Chain Restaurants and Stores Opening in Toronto

The latest additions to the city

Toronto is only getting bigger, as businesses are opening left and right. This year, a ton of brand new spaces have opened up, and even better, more are still to come! If you want to be in the know on what’s just opened up in the city, and what still has yet to come, check out our list of restaurants and stores opening in Toronto below!



Jolibee is a Filipino multinational chain of fast food restaurants. As of April 2018, the corporation has accumulated 1,200 restaurants worldwide! One of the latest additions in the works? Mississauga! If that’s too far of a trek for you, don’t worry, there’s a Toronto location as well. But be prepared to wait a bit as the lineups are still pretty long!


Chotto Matte

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Chotto Matte is in the works of opening for 2019! The Peruvian-Japanese fusion sushi chain is to open in London, UK, Miami and soon Toronto with a 9,000 sq ft. location in Brookfield Place at 161 Bay Street.


Virtuous Pie

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Calling all vegans (and non vegans)! Virtuous Pie originated in Vancouver and is opening location in Little Italy soon. They serve delicious pizza and ice cream, and of course, it’s all vegan. Bada-boom, bada-bing!



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Chick-Fil-A is making it’s way over to Canada with a planned location in Toronto. Though some are excited for the chain’s tasty chicken, most are not impressed with the CEO’s political views and therefore may choose not to support.


Farm Boy

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Farm Boy began in 1981 with a humble produce stand in Cornwall, Ontario, and has now become a massive, food market shopping experience with 24 stores across the province. The space just opened in Etobicoke is 20,000 square feet.


Nordstrom Rack

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Nordstrom Rack is the latest addition on Bloor! Check it out for designer brands at a lower price. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

Image Courtesy Virtuous Pie via Instagram.