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The Most Haunted Spots in Toronto to Spook Yourself this Halloween

Goodbye leaves, hello Halloween.

Anyone can get through a haunted house with costumes and sets, but what about the real deal? For the true horror and haunting connoisseurs, Toronto has a lot to offer from abandoned jails to ex-asylums and empty subways to creepy mansions. These seriously scary sights aren’t for the frigid or the easily frightened, so grab a flashlight and spooky soundtrack to check out these haunted Toronto hot spots.

The Don Jail

The Don Jail has a horrifying and extensive history of cruelty, terror, and public hangings. In fact, between 1908 and 1962 a total of 34 people were executed at this old lock up, and they are believed to haunt The Don Jail today. On top of that, human remains of three prisoners were found on location only 10 years ago.

The Guild Inn

The Guild Inn was built on top of the Scarborough Bluffs in 1914, when it was meant as a summer home for Colonel Harold Bickford. Later, it was transformed into a missionary college, a museum, a military hospital, and a hotel. Now, guests frequently report loud noises at night, dark figures, severe temperature drops and sightings of a young boy soldier with two different coloured eyes.

Colborne Lodge

The Colborne Lodge is an iconic building of Toronto located within High Park. There are consistently sightings of Jemima Howard, a mistress at the lodge, allegedly staring out from a second floor window. Apparently Howard died in that exact room all the way back in 1877.

The Keg Mansion

The Keg Mansion has a long history of death within its walls. It used to be home to the Massey family until Hart Massey’s daughter died in the house. On top of that, one of the maids hung herself in the house and a young boy died in it after he injured himself on the stairs. Several different ghost sightings have been reported by diners at The Keg Mansion, most of them including the young boy on the stairs that is most frequently seen by other children.

Lower Bay Station

Lower Bay Station is frequently used as a ghost station in movies and tv shows, and it hasn’t been used for regular TTC service since 1966, when it was only open for six months. TTC workers now use this station for storage, but many of them say they have seen a ghost of a woman in a red dress who is floating with either no legs, eyes, or feet.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is located on the Toronto Islands at the western tip. This out of service lighthouse is most well known for being the sight of a murder in 1815 where the victim, John Paul Radelmüller, was the city’s very first lighthouse keeper. Allegedly Radelmüller never left the tower, even after his death.

The Old Finch Bridge

The Old Finch Bridge is well known with horror fanatic teens because of a famous tale of a young girl who was murdered there on her birthday. According to the story, if you sing happy birthday on the bridge at Morningside and Finch, the girl’s ghost will appear.

Christie Mansion

The Christie Mansion once belonged to William Christie, A.K.A. Mr. Christie. Apparently, Christie locked his poor mistress away in a room with no windows to hide the woman from his wife, where she lived until she went mad and hung herself with a bedsheet. The story goes that the distressed mistress still haunts the halls of the mansion.

Humber College Lakeshore Campus

Before it was a school, the grounds at Humber College Lakeshore Campus belonged to the Mimico Insane Asylum. At the asylum, patients were forced to work without being paid, and they even had to bury each other’s bodies in the hospital cemetery when one of their own passed away. Legend has it that tons of ghosts still live within the confines of the underground tunnels.

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