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The most memorable Toronto moments of 2019

It’s been a huge year for Toronto, packed with moments you’ll never forget.

From the outrageous Chair Girl fiasco to the city’s peculiar raccoon antics to the Raptors’ NBA Championship victory, there are tons of moments that have truly made Toronto history. We’ve put together a list of some of the most memorable Toronto moments of the year, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Check out the most memorable Toronto moments of 2019 below.

The Raptors’ NBA Championship victory

Your Toronto Raptors are the 2019 NBA Champions. The Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors 114-110 to take Game 6 on the road and capture the franchise’s first NBA title. Forward Kawhi Leonard was named Finals Most Valuable Player, becoming just the third player in league history to earn the honour on two different teams. Predictably, Toronto went wild following the win. Fans took the streets and celebrated in bars around the GTA.

Chair Girl

Remember chair girl? Back in February, a video surfaced of Toronto’s Marcella Zoia standing on a condo balcony on York Street as she holds a chair, and throws it onto the busy Toronto highway. The video cuts off just before the chair hits the ground, so it’s unclear if anyone was hurt.

That kid who threw a road sign onto the QEW

Kid tosses a metal sign onto the busiest highway in Toronto, easily could’ve caused a fatal accident. from r/iamatotalpieceofshit

Move over Chair Girl, hello Sign Boy. In August, a viral video of someone throwing a large object onto a Toronto highway has surfaced on Reddit. The clip a young man throwing a sign onto a Toronto highway had appeared online, and it shows Sign Boy holding a “Right Lane Exits” sign that is frequently used for construction work. Then, while laughing, the boy throws the sign from a bridge above Peel Regional Rd 19, which overlooks the Queen Elizabeth Highway (QEW) in Oakville.

The Toronto mom that went off at a driver in midtown

In March, security footage surfaced on YouTube that shows a Toronto mom losing it on a driver in midtown Toronto after they plow through a stop sign, almost hitting her stroller. The clip opens with a driver stopping before continuing on through the stop sign. The mom then begins to cross the street until a car blows through the stop sign and has to abruptly halt the car, almost hitting both the mom and her baby. “Fuck off. Fuck you. Get the fuck out of your car,” the mom screams as she parks the stroller in the center of the street and pounds on their hood.

When a sinkhole momentarily swallowed up a vehicle

According to City News, a large sinkhole opened up in February in downtown Toronto, momentarily swallowing up a Range Rover. The driver did not get injured, but as they were driving along Court Street near King and Church streets just after midnight last night, the vehicle got stuck in the sinkhole. Luckily, someone passing by the driver was able to help them get the vehicle out around 3:00 a.m. The lane is currently blocked off while crews look over and attempt to remedy the situation.

The raccoon that decided to go vinyl shopping

The mischievous raccoons in the city are back at it again in 2019 after one music-loving animal was spotted sifting through the vinyl at Kops Records, located at 299 Queen Street West, in June. A brief clip from Kelly Robson shows the raccoon peaking out from a Willie Nelson album from inside the store before he eventually retreats back into the aisles of vinyl.

When there was so much snow people skied down Queen Street

A snowstorm in January was so bad that instead of walking through the streets of Toronto, people actually took to the city on skis. After the record-breaking snowfall, with 26.4 cm of snow landing on Toronto, it seemed impossible to drive anywhere or take transit across the city, so some brave souls decided to travel via cross country skis. Several Torontonians took to social media to post videos and photos of people skiing down Toronto streets, including one bold athlete traveling right in the middle of Queen Street.

The case of the ‘Funnel Cake Express’ trailer heist

In April, a “Funnel Cake Express” trailer was stolen from the city’s West end. The “Funnel Cake Express” trailer is an operational vehicle that is 3.7 metres by 1.8 metres. Spokesperson Katrina Arrogante told CBC News that it was believed to have about $60,000 worth of items inside, such as refrigerators and cooking equipment.

That snake that was found in an east end Toronto sewer

Toronto firefighters bagged themselves a snake estimated to be between three and five feet long one morning in July. The snake was spotted sticking its head out of a sewer grate near Victoria Park and Danforth Avenues after midnight. Firefighters removed the grate and retrieved the snake, which a passerby believed was stuck, and handed it over to the city’s animal services.

When People Kept Trying to Parachute in the City

In May of this year, a parachuter floated between high rises in Toronto, eventually landing in a parkette. Then, in October, a 30-year-old man broke into a construction site at Yonge St. and Yorkville Ave., where he climbed a whopping 58 storeys to scale a crane in an attempt to BASE jump off of it. The incident, which caused road closures in the area, came to a halt when the man was arrested by police before he could parachute off of the crane.

That driver who thought they should clean the snow off her windshield while driving on the 401

Canadian drivers are well aware of the pain you feel when the person in front of you on the highway hasn’t cleared the snow off their windshield. A video has surfaced on YouTube in January that shows a driver who attempts to clean the snow off of her completely covered windshield as she continues to drive along the 401. Gavin Gerbz posted the clip this week, which shows a Hyundai SUV struggling on the highway. The video shows the driver, who has their window down as they attempt to clear the snow off of their windshield with a snow scraper, all while driving on the busiest highway in North America.

The great Airpod war of 2019

Online users of Apple’s wireless Airpods jokingly decided that wireless earbuds were a sign of wealth at the end of 2018, and at the start of 2019, Toronto AirPod lovers and headphone loyalists protested each other in public. On March 30th, both Toronto AirPod owners and anti-AirPod users met up in Yonge-Dundas Square to make memes come to life. An event on Facebook was recently created called “Toronto AirPod Owners MeetUp,” and it refers to the gathering as “a celebration of not being a broke bitch.”

Image via Raptors.

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