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The Most Satisfying Videos You’ll Ever See

There a million “most satisfying ever…” videos floating around out there, like the one in the player above. If you’re really into perfectly folded linens or elastic band fruit massacre videos, then you already know where to look. For other not-so-niche viewers craving gratification, take a look at some of the action below.

Watching stuff get smooshed by a hydraulic press

Who doesn’t love a good smoosh video? Check them all out here.

Hand-drawn music sheets

As if reading a sheet of music isn’t hair-pulling-ly complex enough, watching the antiquated technique in motion—from start to finish—is extremely satisfying, even if you’re not into Bach.

The sights and sounds of a fountain pen

A writer’s wet dream. That not so familiar sound of pen scratching is music to the (assumedly old) ears.

Watching a cappuccino swallow a glob of sugar

Everything about this common morning ritual, including the accompanying Game-of-Thrones-like score, is perfection.

The world famous SSI shredder company

Subscribe to this company’s YouTube account and watch everything from pool tables to washing machines to football helmets reduced to piles of dust.

Watching stuff get dropped into an upturned lawnmower

The chaos. The carnage. Imagine how those blades of grass must feel…

Peeling glue off of your hand

Pull up ( get it? ) a chair and relive your sticky, second grade glory days.

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