The Movie Opening You Need to Attend this Weekend: TUSK

Kevin Smith is back at it with Tusk - in theatres tonight

Kevin Smith has directed some of the funniest, angst-filled and poignant movies of our generation. Then came Tusk, his newest movie, opening in theatres today. The movie centres around a sarcastic podcast host who ends up being kidnapped by an eccentric mariner and surgically transformed into a half man, half walrus hybrid. Yes, you just read that right.

I had a chance to see the film at TIFF and it is even weirder than the description. At the premier fans wore cardboard walrus masks and it wasn’t creepy at all…cough, cough. The buzz surrounding the film is at such a fever pitch that a California pot dispensary has created two signature lines of weed based on the film. I guess I’m not the only weirdo who wanted to see a movie about a man-walrus mutant.


Here is the trailer along with a few other Kevin Smith gems that you should really see.

Clerks, the Kevin Smith flick that started it all back in 1994. Two disgruntled convenience store employees try to make sense of their arguably pointless existences.

Chasing Amy was one of the good Ben Affleck roles. It’s about a young man who falls in love with a lesbian girl. Hijinxs ensue.

Tusk in theatres tonight.