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The National are going ‘electronic-y’ for next album

Back in June, at the Welcome to Hamilton Benefit, The National performed two new songs. Then again just last month in LA, they performed another with St. Vincent’s Annie Clark (below). It’s been evidently clear that frontman Matt Berninger and pals are headed in a new direction from 2013’s Trouble Will Find Me.

The indie rockers told NME, “We’re playing together in a room, which means we’re jamming more, but it’s not a jam record at all – the songs are much more like weird, math-y, electronic-y stuff.”

Looking to move away from their somber tone that has entwined their last few releases, Berninger continues, “We could probably crank out a great National record in a weekend, but none of us are interested in following up with another record that sounds like Trouble Will Find Me. That record was a great accomplishment and I’m so proud of it.”

Incorporating electronic elements has worked in many other’s favor with the likes of Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Tame Impala: all receiving notable praise for their new directions.

“We’d rather make a terrible record that opens up new possibilities. It’s going to be great!” said Berninger.

It’s the National, what could go wrong…. right?

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