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The NBA reportedly called the Raptors about Drake’s sideline behaviour

After Drake’s made headlines for his outrageous courtside antics, the NBA has reportedly made a call to the Raptors to discuss the rapper’s behaviour, according to CBC.

Most of his jokes are limited to shouting at players on the opposing team, which, as long as extreme language is avoided, is allowed according to the NBA’s fan conduct policy. Recently, Drake has riled up at least one opposing coach after walking onto the court during timeouts and even rubbing Raptors head coach Nick Nurse’s shoulders, which are both in violation of the aforementioned.

This isn’t the first occurrence where the Raptors have been asked to rein in the OVO artist, as the NBA made a similar request at last year’s conference semifinals because of Drake’s heated conflict with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kendrick Perkins at the time. Security had to step in to stop the argument, which saw the pair shouting profanity-ridden insults at each other.

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