The Netflix and Chill button has arrived

Internet dreams, er memes, really do come true!

Yep, you read that correctly. Your tinder game will never be quite the same, with The Netflix Switch.

What is it? It’s a switch that you click to silence your phone, dim the lights, order food, or whatever you want really, — and turn on Netflix of course.

Let me guess your next question – where do I buy one? Well, you don’t. Netflix has set-up instructions on how you can build, control, connect, and write your code. Now, if you’re so lazy comfort-inclined that you need a button to dim your lights, turn on your TV for you, and order yourself food, are you really going to take the time to build and program your own custom micro-controller? Not only do you need the understanding of circuitry and coding.

Maybe this is the beginning of the end. Maybe not. We’ll wait untill it comes out pre-made.

Let us know your thoughts below.