Watch Teens Destroy a High School In The New Pornographers’ ‘High Ticket Attractions’ Video

School out!

The New Pornographers so far have shared two tracks off their upcoming record Whiteout Conditions, “This Is The World Of The Theater” and “High Ticket Attractions”, the latter of which they have followed-up with a video accompaniment.

The video follows a group of high-schoolers who trash their school after a prank war goes wrong. Sharp weapons, hazardous chemicals and flaming vehicles make for an exciting video full of angsty teens. Check it out below:

Whiteout Conditions

1. Play Money
2. Whiteout Conditions
3. High Ticket Attractions
4. This is the World of the Theatre
5. Darling Shade
6. Second Sleep
7. Colosseums
8. We’ve Been Here Before
9. Juke
10. Clockwise
11. Avalanche Alley