The ‘Phallic’ Downsview Station Sign TTC Hangs at TTC Headquarters

Ride the uh...Rocket?

Back in early 2015 the Toronto Transit Commission pulled down a map of Downsview Station after an image of it went viral. The map caused quite a hilarious uproar after numerous people pointed out that its shape resembled a penis. Well, the old Downsview Station map lives on at the TTC’s headquarters.

Kudos to the eagle-eyed Redditor who caught a glimpse of the infamous sign in an interview clip at CTV.


“The TTC is sensitive to anyone who may have been offended by the phallic shape of the map, which is why we are replacing it,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said in February of 2015. “I honestly can’t speak to why that particular design wasn’t picked up,” he said. “But had we reviewed it, we would have caught it and made some changes.”

Either someone was really proud of that design or some folks at the TTC can’t let a good viral sensation die.