The Plateaus webseries pokes fun at the life of indie bands

This hilarious new webseries has some big names attached to it

The CBC’s newest webseries The Plateaus is as cheesy as it is uncomfortably hilarious.

Centered around one eccentric indie band called The Plateaus, this webseries comedy marks the trials and tribulations of being a local act in a big city and trying to distinguish themselves as up and comers against a better known rival band. After the success of their hit single “YNG LUV”, (which sounds a LOT like a certain Hollerado tune), the band faces the cut-throat Toronto music landscape through tragedy and comedy.

Starring Annie Murphy from Schitt’s Creek and Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall, plus reoccurring appearances by Jay Baruchel, Elisa Cuthbert and Sam Roberts (yes THAT Sam Roberts) as an exaggerated version of himself, and many more — it’s an all star cast.

Check out the entire series here, or watch the entire first episode below: