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The Possible Future of The TTC: An Optimistic Map

It can feel like we are constantly bombarded with images of what the TTC could look like. However, with promises in the works for a massive reboot of the TTC, it’s nice to stay motivated through our daily commutes by imagining a brighter and better future. Recently, a Reddit user by the name of Rantwiki fueled those fantasies by uploading an expanded TTC map with the caption, “What TTC Rapid Transit Could Look Like in 2035.” The map includes a new Eglinton Line and a new Don Mills line that would act as a relief line for the downtown core.

2016622-transit-map-bigClick to enlarge

It’s easy to be optimistic for the future of the TTC, especially in the afterglow of the brand new 514 Cherry Street Streetcar route; however, these changes are just being discussed and are in the planning stages. There has yet to be any funding secured.

The TTC as we all know, is notorious for taking longer than expected to get around to implementing changes. So in the meantime take a look at the map below and check out this TTC fantasy map round up. Torontonians apparently not only spend a lot of time on the TTC, but daydreaming about it as well.

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